Home Repair and Improvement Market Offers a Broad Range of Tools and Services

download (53)When one invests in a house, it’s not the last investment one makes on it. Every year, it’ll demand some kind of repair or remodeling — ranging from a small fix to a complete renovation of the house. As a house owner, one also carries the responsibility of home repair and improvement, and one cannot turn a blind eye to it. The fixes and enhancements may include areas like roof, plumbing fixtures, both interior and exterior painting, doors, windows, furnace, backyard, and more.

The home repair and improvement market offers a broad range of tools and services, including do it yourself (DIY) home improvement kits and professional services. One must make a sound assessment of the need to enhance, for example a stair or a backyard, before going for fixes or remodeling projects. Since it requires substantial investment, one must plan the entire repair and improvement project — from the inception to the final. The people using DIY tools to fix something must buy the right kind of quality tools that have been designed to perform specific functions. A number of companies offer a varied range of DIY tools, and before ordering, one must compare the prices of the tools offered by these companies, and also their features.

It’s important to determine the nature of the project and what all it requires before undertaking one. For some projects, one cannot go solo and need a team to accomplish a task. It’s better to assemble a team in advance rather than making frantic calls when in the middle of the project. Also, some home repair and improvement projects need professional help. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional that a friend or a relative has recommended. Repair industry is known for its scams, and one should be careful and take precautions when going for professional help.


Home Insurance Advice Getting a Contractor For Your Home Repairs and Remodeling

download (51)Paying for the services of a contractor to improve your home is a very good idea. This practice is welcomed because it adds more value to your home investment.

However, you are advised to verify all contract workers’ compensation coverage before you start to engage their services. This is important as it keeps you safe so you end up paying huge sums as liability charges if workers get injured while fixing, repairing or remodeling your house.

Also, you should consider some very important insurance issues before you choose the contractor to work with. Be sure you verify that all credentials are valid and are suited to requirements, make sure you check the contractor’s or re-modeler’s license. You should also check if the contractor is a member of any applicable trade group.

You should study, compare prices and request for bids from other contractors or re-modelers. Every bid should be in written down; ensure you add building specifications to every bid, amount to pay for labor, material prices and time that will be required to complete the project. This has the effect of covering you from unplanned spends and some unseen misunderstandings that may come up in future. Please note that the building specification will clearly state what is to be worked on and the magnitude of the expected work.

It is true that a lot of contractors and re-modelers will be more than happy to show you picture samples of the good work they did with other similar homes.

The question now is: Are you looking for a high quality home insurance policy that is very affordable and friendly with remodeling? If yes, then get it now! Start by comparing free quotes.

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Ten Common Home Repair And Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

download (50)I’ve seen a lot, in the building refurbishment and home repair and remodeling industry over the decades, about which I could probably write many books about, if there was enough time. But for now, here is some advice to help you avoid some home remodeling disasters that I have seen happen to others and a few minor ones that happened to me as well.

Please read this very carefully, it could possibly save you money, time, your sanity, even your marriage or relationship with your partner, to name a few. We should learn from other people’s mistakes and not just our own. Don’t be one of those people.

Important issues you must consider and plan for in advance to keep out of trouble with your remodeling project are:

1. Have the necessary permits before you start work.

After you finished the job it was time for admiration as you thought you did a great remodeling job only to discover that you actually needed a permit for the job. The permit might not be required depending on the job but if you are removing walls and adding new space for example, more than likely, you would need a permit. It would mean the relevant plans and specification done by the engineer, architect or possibly the builder.

2. Related to the permit question is the issue of your remodeling work complying with regulations and the building code.

The plans and paperwork have to comply with the regulation and building code when you get the permit, but the role of the inspector who comes out to check on your project is also to keep workmanship and site safety to an adequate standard.

He or she would check that your project complies with the building code and other regulations and that safe work practices are adhered to.

It is in your interest to have that permit, if required. In having a permit some time during the remodeling but before it’s finished the inspector would point out things that have to be changed and corrected which would be hard to do once the job is finished. At the same time you would feel better knowing that the workmanship is of at least an adequate standard.

3. Choose the contractors and tradespeople you will give the job to, well.

Don’t be fooled by the smooth talking salesperson or a builder, giving you promises and empty words. You should see their previous remodeling work for your self, their warranty conditions and should come recommended by a trustworthy friend or relative.

4. Check if the contractor has the necessary insurances and check what type of cover you will need yourself.

Don’t trust the contractors on his word. Demand a written certificate of currency fro the contractors insurance company.

5. Have a contract with detailed scope of works and specification attached with it. The more detailed and specific it is the better.

It can get very ugly during or near the end of your home remodeling project, when you realize that the contractor is demanding more money or that he is not doing all the work that you thought would be done if the scope of works is too vague on exactly what is included, or not included in the contract.

Having a detailed and specific scope of works and detailed specification of all fixtures, materials and finishes with costs included will be good for both the contractor and yourself.

You will not have a good outcome of your home remodeling project if the contractor in the end is not happy as well because of misunderstandings and bad communication with you.

6. Do not leave too much money to the contractor in the way of an initial deposit, before he commences work. Leave an initial deposit only when the contractor has arrived on site and work commenced, while the progress payments should only be made for the amount of estimated completion.

7. Under no circumstances pay all the money to the contractor until the job is inspected and completed.

In case of you having the local authority inspector needing to do the final inspection before you can use the space to live in, then keep a good portion of the money to pay until that final inspection is completed and all the defects repaired.

You have to honor the contract but there should be a clause in it, stating that you have to pay the final installment only after full completion.

It is probable that if you pay everything before the job completion it will be hard ton get the contractor back to finish and fix defects.

8. Have enough money to complete the job.

You will find that if you don’t have the money and resources to complete your project, it could lead to all sorts of personal and financial hardship and make life hard on the children and other family members.

Rarely does the remodeling project end up costing exactly what you planned for because there are always things that happen that you cannot foresee. So allow for a bit extra than you have estimated the cost to be.

By not being able to finish what you started and have the part of your home exposed to the weather, like unfinished roof or walls etc, you could end up having to redo a lot of the work you’ve done because of water damage and other issues arising from that.

If you intended to rent out the new space you are creating with the home remodeling you started, it could lead to a loss of income you were relying on.

If you did not have the money to finish your heating in the new space and the winter comes it could lead to water pipes freezing and causing a lot of damage for example.

At the end of the day nobody likes to run out of money and not be able to complete the job and the disruption to your life can be overwhelming if you have to live in that unfinished mess.

9. Treat work safety and health issues seriously and barricade off the remodeling work area for example, so that children and others do not end up walking into work area and injure themselves.

Make sure you use appropriate personal safety equipment like steel capped boots, eye protection and ear plugs to name a few.

Don’t try to use a ladder to do work that you could easily slip off if you need to use a jackhammer or a power saw for example. Make an elevated platform with trestles and planks or scaffolding if necessary. It is very easy to fall of the ladder or injure your back while trying to hold a heavy tool and work from a ladder

Keep the work area free from materials and rubble lying around the floor. Clean up the floors regularly to avoid injuries.

10. It’s important that you and the contractors know precisely the position of the main switch, valves for water, electricity and gas as well as other services while remodeling is taking place.

You need to be able to switch off electricity, water supply or gas supply very quickly in case of an emergency. For example, you are drilling a hole in the wall and hit and puncture a water pipe, which is not uncommon, so you need to know where you need to go to turn off the mains supply. That water could be spraying onto a power outlet close by, so you need to know where the main power switchboard is to quickly switch it off.

A lot of damage can be caused by leaking water, gas or faulty electrical wiring.

Your remodeling project will have it’s own issues and problems to overcome. It will have specific issues and complexities different to other home remodeling projects, but if you plan ahead and follow my advice in the listed points above you will more than likely avoid many disasters that could happen in your home repair and remodeling project.


Finding Ways To Keep Up With Experts

Main Reasons as to Why You Need to Have Clean Air Ducts

Most houses and establishments nowadays, make use of air ducts to not only distribute the cooling and heating to each and every room, but to also save a lot of money in the process. Most especially if you are living in a location where there are basically four seasons every single year, where it is significantly hot in the summer, and extremely cold in the winter. One season in particular which is the summer season is a season where the moisture in the air should be really low due to high heat, which would make dust manifest more quickly in every rooms and can generally cause harm to some people who have asthma and also some elderly people and young children. While on the other hand, winter season is a time of year where the moisture in the air is relatively higher, which would lessen the dust particles building up, but of course, too much moisture and coldness is still not healthy and can also be harmful to everyone. Therefore, having an air duct system in our homes or in most establishments is seriously important.

The main problem about the air ducts system is that it is basically really hard to clean and maintain. You basically need to have not only the right tools, equipment and machinery to do it, but you also needs to know how or where the dust or other harmful particles are collecting within it. While it may be possible that you can possibly clean the air ducts all on your own with a low power vacuum or a feather duster, but you probably have not clean even a fraction of the dust particles that is within your air duct. Which is why, it is generally best that you should call for some cleaning professionals that is known to be able to clean air ducts properly and efficiently.

There are generally a ton of benefit on getting your air ducts clean, and one of them is that you and your family will be less prone to allergies and other diseases that can be caused by dust particles and other harmful particles, and probably a great benefit is that you will be saving a lot of energy cost due to the fact that it is indeed true what they say about having more accumulated dust in your air ducts and HV/AC system would not only be inefficient but it will also make you use it more than you are supposed to.

Most cleaning agencies usually should be able to handle all the cleaning services, due to the fact that they need to have the proper tools, equipment, and machinery to accomplish it, so no matter what their clients asked them to clean, it could be tiles, air ducts and other surfaces, they should be able to do it.

Source: http://start-up-booster.com/startup-booster-achieve-greater-sense-control-business/

News For This Month: Lights

Benefits of Solar Lighting Are you acquainted with solar powered lights? This is a lighting framework that uses the daylight rather than electricity. They are fueled by the daylight using sun based rechargeable batteries. This can be used both indoors and outdoors. By using these lights you can save money and electricity if you wanted to enhance your lighting system both indoor and outdoor. Outdoor sun based lighting is ideal for the individuals who affection to appreciate outside exercises, for example, camping. Notwithstanding when there is no power accessible, these lights will continue sparkling. Many local locations in certain remote nations welcomed the utilization of sun powered lights. Others had taken for granted the purpose of solar power lights but for those living in remote areas, they value this type of light. Help save significant amount of money Conventional electrical system is much more expensive than using solar powered electricity. Switching to sun powered lights will diminish your power bill in the event that you are utilizing open air lights for security reason and you needed to have a brilliant backyard. Yes, it may not come as shabby as purchasing electric powered lights, however over the long run you will recoup the distinction, many times over, through your savings on your energy bills. Light any place
Why People Think Options Are A Good Idea
In case you are in a range where there are no electrical outlets. In request to give power around there, you should procure an expert and contribute huge aggregate of money. However, if you have an outdoor solar light, you just have to find the perfect spot to install the light, install it, and turn on the power of the light so you can have an instant lighting system that can provide brightness during the night. Furthermore, a significant number of the new solar panel lights give light equivalent to electric lights yet with no repeating power bills.
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Products
Safety Installing solar lights are a fantastic decision on the off chance that you are worried with the biological system and the well being of your family. Aside from the way that you require not to utilize unsafe wires, there likewise no requirement for you to change routinely your lights on the grounds that sun powered LED for the most part has longer utilization than the customary bulb. It is very simple to install since there is no reason to stress over setting these lights close to an electrical outlet. There is additionally no compelling reason to utilize hurtful expansion wiring to be put close to the light on the grounds that the wellspring of force is the sun itself and not the electricity. This permits establishment without apprehension of individual security and expels the danger of stumbling over strings and electrical stuns from wiring issues.

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Long Lasting Locks with the Help of Lock Lubricant A great many people use locks regularly without considering how they are kept up. There are methods that you can use to clean the parts of the lock flawlessly with the goal that it will keep up its durability. The fortunate thing about cleaning the locks is it should be possible in only couple of minutes and you just need to do it a couple times in a year. The secret behind this idea is just by putting the best lock lubricant in it to keep each parts move smoothly. There is a requirement for cleaning the lock and expelling the rust and gunk in it when you experience issues in opening it the most part of the time. Every new locks works a great way, be that as it may, due to the dust and other little particles that encompass everywhere, regardless of the fact that you handle your lock with appropriate consideration, it is unavoidable that these particles can bring about harm in your bolt that will subsequently lessen its performance. Cleaning Locks Efficiently
Doing Sales The Right Way
The best and most critical thing to remember is to do consistent cleaning of the locks by greasing up the opening to guarantee that the locks would not solidify up particularly when presented to chilly temperature. If the locks are presented to a situation that inclined from corrosion, then it should dependably be checked and cleaned no less than each other two months to ensure that it won’t get harmed or solidify up.
A 10-Point Plan for Products (Without Being Overwhelmed)
The lubricant must not be too much to avoid drying off the openings which may cause damage consequently. Few drops of best lock lubricant is already enough since it will spread slowly in the keyhole. You can utilize the key and embed it to the lock to convey the grease inside by turning it exited or right. However never forget to remove the key from the lock in order for the lubricant to give enough time to get dry completely before using it. There are also other materials that you can use to remove the gunk thoroughly such as a powdered graphite. It is important to remove the ice carefully before applying lock lubricant to avoid damage, this is very important in areas prone to cold climate. Expel the ice that covers the key way and warmth the way to make it somewhat warm. Gradually insert the hot key to the lock. The hot key will consequently melt the ice inside the lock which will allow the key to open. Dry the lock completely before applying best lock lubricant to it.

Discovering The Truth About Windows

The Perks of Having a Security Door to Protect the Place Where We Live A number of house owners are really hoping to have a home that is safe from any harmful things including criminals. That’s why most of them are really on finding any possible methods to solve the problem including those methods that can cost them a lot of money. Security devices for homes such as CCTV cameras, security doors, and even security windows are not not cheap at all. That’s why for those people who only have a targeted budget for ensuring the security of their homes, try to check those security devices that won’t cost you a lot of money. Security doors are considered to be a cheaper choice than the other devices. This is considered to be one of the good choice because security doors can help the criminal stop from entering our place. The Functions of a Security Door The main function of a security door is to protect our house against potential things that can possibly harm our residences The security door enables the house owners to take a glimpse on the people outside our doors so before we allow them to enter our house we are totally confident that we are secure. It’s not only that the function of the security doors is really good but also the designs are quite classy. The main thing about having a good design on our door is that people will look primarily at the style while you can view both style as well as security. The Variety of Sizes of Security Door and Security Windows
3 Windows Tips from Someone With Experience
The similarity between the sizes of the front door panel as well as as the security door are just identical from each other. This case will not be the same with the sliding doors or glass doors as well because you can have a variety of options to choose from. By hiring a professional who is really familiar with the customize security doors and the measurements, you can have a lot of options wherever you want to place your security door.
3 Windows Tips from Someone With Experience
There are several benefits about installing a security door in our house and it includes the safety of our homes towards burglars and the good appearance our residence will create. That is why people have to consider the possibility of using a security door and security window to safeguard our home so that our loved ones or everyone who leaves in our residences are totally safe.

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How Home Heating Systems Can Help Homeowners Have Better Conditions When it comes to some heating systems like gas heaters and central heating systems, household managers can realize that the use of these systems can be related to the costs that they pay during the latter ends of every month. During the winter seasons, the options that many homeowners take to save on the bills from these hefty heating systems will be to wear thicker clothes inside and leave oven opened even without bread items being toasted. It is important that you know some important ways that you can do in order to still stay comfortable during the winter months with the proper heating that will not make you pay a lot. To face the colder months and snowy seasons, residences can make use of home heating systems that will not let them pay extra just to have the perfect heating systems. You can always see to it that you can save more money about these units despite the fact that homeowners will have to purchase these home heating systems units at first. Forced air heating systems are one of a kind that homeowners can make use of. These forced air systems are deemed as the most widely used home heating systems. Think of these forced air systems like furnaces, that use various sources to distribute the best quality of air around the homes. Air ducts that these forced air systems have are used as media in order to take these airs throughout. The furnace like device makes the air warmer using sources such as electric power or fuel. The air that is produced can either be humidified or otherwise, and at the same time, filtered. Furthermore, these devices can provide warmer air for the entire houses without the high costs. The ducts from these home heating systems can sometimes require that you evaluate some available spaces in the homes and keep the house residents away from allergens. It is also important to note another home heating systems in the form of radiant heating system. These are considered organic and the natural method when providing heating effects inside the houses. These home heating systems are characterized by transferring heat over a cold surface, like the process of radiation. Some of the elements used are heating stoves and boilers. Homeowners can expect to have a sustainable and affordable heating system with these radiant systems. Homeowners should note early on that they should prepare a budget when installing these kinds of home heating systems but they can find out the savings in the long run.Heating Tips for The Average Joe

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The Key Elements of Great Tools

Axes – Various Types and Uses The word axe is usually associated with splitting of wood the world over. This thought is not far from the truth since most axes were traditionally used for the purpose of splitting of wood. Well, there are other functions of an axe which can only be understood after understanding the tool called an axe. The simple definition of an axe is a tool made of a head and a handle. Most functions of an axe are carried out using the head which makes it the key part of the axe. The head is usually a wedge-shaped heavy metal that can withstand heavy impact. It is for this reason that very strong metals that can absorb impact without breaking are used to make the head of an axe. The most popular metal that is used in making the head of an axe is steel. The handle is usually made of wood although some manufactures usually use metal though it is not popular. There are diverse types of axes on sale in different parts of the world. As stated before, types of axes have a strong relationship with the function to be done. The differences in types of axes are based mainly on the shape of the head. First of all, we have the felling axe that is primarily used to cut wood. This axe is usually very heavy due to the fact that it must create heavy impact so as to achieve splitting of the wood. Its popularity is greatest in rural and sub-urban setups.
Tools Tips for The Average Joe
Another type of axe is the adze. This is an axe that has a chisel-shaped head designed for cutting through very hard matter. It is mainly used to split rocks and dried clay. For it to serve this function, the adze must be strong since dried clay and rocks are very hard. Most of the time manufacturers use an alloy of metals to make the head of the adze. This is for the simple reason that alloys are known to be harder than individual metals.
The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Axes
The hatchet and the carpenters axe are the other types of axes. The hatchet is small in size making it ideal to be used in camping. It can be used to chop firewood to be used during camping hence its small size makes it very portable and ideal for this role. The carpenters axe as the name suggests is used by carpenters in cutting rough edges on timber. It is a light axe though slightly heavier than the hatchet. One does not need to do much to ensure that axes remain in good condition other than cleaning them regularly to avoid rusting and general wear and tear. Broken handles must however be repaired in good time for one to continue using the axe. Using axes that have broken handles can be very dangerous since the axe can cause harm to the user.

Doing Windows The Right Way

Choose the Right Window Treatments with These 3 Tips

Adding warmth and light into a space can be made easy and appealing with windows. But of course, with that kind of exposure, there will always be prying eyes on the outside which can be very uncomfortable for any homeowner. So how do you get the best of both worlds? The best way to manage natural light while still getting the privacy you want is by leveraging window treatments to suit your needs and preferences. However, while realizing the need for window treatments might seem effortless and immediate, choosing the right ones isn’t quite as carefree. There’s no need to sacrifice privacy for sunlight or vice versa if you take the time to find out what you really need in your space. Wondering how to make the right choice? Read on to find out.

1. Consider the Thickness – Something that’s ultra sheer will let in lots of light, but might also expose you to those curious eyes outside. Thick, heavy curtains on the other hand may keep your privacy intact but might also make it impossible for any sunlight to trickle into your space. Consider the space you’re adding window treatments to when thinking of the right material or thickness. For instance if you have a bathroom that doesn’t get any sunlight at all, using heavy treatments could blot out any light completely, making it dark and unpleasant, but lighter ones could make bathing and using the bathroom very uncomfortable especially with others on the outside. In this case, you might want something that blurs out the view but still lets light inside.

2. Consider the Room – Some rooms need more privacy than others, and others still need more light. To choose the right window treatments for your space, think of the room you plan on adding them to. While the morning sun is quite a sight to behold, all that sunlight filtering into your bedroom and blaring into your eyes can make it hard to sleep in when you want to. In this case, it would be best to equip your room with blackout curtains which you can drop to completely blot out the light and give you those few extra hours of night time that you so desperately want.

3. Don’t Forget Aesthetic – You don’t want to buy window treatments that make your space look like a mess. When choosing your window treatments, keep aesthetic in mind. Look for the right drapes by choosing to search beyond drapes and curtains and exploring the world of window treatments available to you. Shutters, blinds, and even stained glass windows are all great for adding privacy to your space without sacrificing sunlight, so check those out before you make your choice.

Source: www.utexas-edu.com

Learning The Secrets About Entertainment

What Are The Things To Consider When Planning A Home Theater Installation

With all the different components available for a home theater installation, you have a lot of options on what to install in your entertainment room. One of the popular choice for home theater system is a combination of a big television screen and multiple speakers mounted on the wall of the entertainment room. The setup is based on the commercialized theaters in your area where you could not find any visible cables and wires. It is safe because the risk of getting electrocuted or tripping accidents due to the wires is none. If you like to experience a high quality sound effects, choosing a stand alone speaker is the best way to go.

With all the hassle and complexities of home theater installation, almost nobody can do it on their own and would require the services of a professional home theater personnel to do the install. Though this is the normal case, there are few individuals who would dare to perform the home theater installation without any help. These daring individuals would do this due to their background and experience in electrical works and appliance installation. Anyone who purchased a home theater system would know that they have invested a lot of money just buying the different parts alone. Once an accident or mistake happens at any point of the install, there is a greater chance that a component is damaged which means additional expenses. Another drawback of self installation is the chance of incorrect connection or setup which lowers the quality of either the audio or the video.

In order to reduce the risk of accidents during a self install, manufacturers provided manuals along with the product. The support system of the home theater system will have to handle the weight of the components thus they must be durable enough. Wire covers are also necessary to make the wiring system seamless and the home theater accident free. As for surround sound speaker installation, it would be better to leave it to the professionals.

There are a lot of professional home theater installers offering their services whether install or fixing the setup in your neighborhood. Most appliance stores selling home theater components would have a couple of professionals which can provide the install. These shops especially large companies would offer complete package or refer you to a professional home theater installation company once you purchase the components of a home theater system. There would also be local professional home theater installers offering their services.

All in all, the best way of setting up your new home theater system is to look for a professional home theater installation company since they can provide an expert to handle everything with care and precision making sure that you can use your home theater system as soon as possible. You just make sure that the company is ensured so that you do not have to pay any expenses once there is an accident during the install.

Source: http://tyrneathem.com/how-to-plan-the-perfect-family-movie-night/

Getting Down To Basics with Equipment

Important Things To Consider When Choosing Plasma Cutters

You have to consider a number of factors first before buying a plasma cutting tool. To cite a few example, it should already include the capacity to cut, the quality of its cut, the reliability factor, its duty cycle, how convenient it is to use, and its operating cost. You should first know the type of plasma cutting that you are planning to do. There are plasma cutting tools available that are also capable of doing both, handheld and switching to mechanized cutting. You should also know for a fact that there are few systems still available these days which includes a CNC interface in its system and an internal voltage divider which offers users a few more options for various mechanized applications.

Once you already know exactly what type of plasma cutting that you are going to do, you may then consider how thick the material is going to be that you plan on cutting. You should consider the rule of the thumb with regards to this aspect that you should only choose a system that comes with a recommended cut capacity which also matches the material thickness you have been planning to cut.

Another very important consideration that you need to keep in mind is the cut quality. If you do this, you will be guaranteed that you will not only ensure the quality of your finished piece but you are also ensuring that you can save time in the later stages of the production. It is already a known fact that you want is only a clean, smooth edge so that you won’t have to spend so much of your time on secondary work. With the best plasma cutting system, you will not only have smoother, cleaner cuts, but also a much narrower cut width giving you the ability to cut with a lot more precision with less wasted metal.

You shouldn’t forget considering its reliability. Generally, plasma cutting systems are the most reliable ones because they are engineered with fewer parts, and you should also use software instead of the hardware where possible and make sure you choose those manufactured to ISO standards as these are the ones guaranteed to have been tested adequately.

There are also plasma cutting tools that are so much easier to use compared to others available. Obviously, people who have been using such tool will be able to finish their job a lot more efficiently and will be able to do it even faster if they make use of those tools with the ease of use.

If you need to have the plasma cutting tool moved from one place to another, then you should consider the size and weight before purchasing one. With engineering advancements done, you are now being offered a lightweight system without having to sacrifice power and performance.

Source: http://seriousstartups.com/2016/06/22/setting-up-an-auto-repair-company-made-simple/

Arlington Affordable Painters Announces Special Discount Offer


(Arlington, TX)—Arlington Affordable Painters, Texas-based painting contractors providing interior and exterior painting of residential and commercial buildings, has recently announced their summer discount offer. Right now, both residential and commercial customers can take advantage of the company’s offer of a 10 percent discount on the cost of one painting project. This special offer is only available through the month of August and does require the use of a special promo code.

Lyonn Smith, a spokesperson for Arlington Affordable Painters, commented “While a good paint job can add a splash of color or a bit of character to a home or commercial building, interior and exterior painting also provides protection for a property and can help keep damage at bay. Many people put off calling in a painting contractor because they fear it will break the bank. Fortunately, our company is here to dispel that myth. Every residential painting contractor on our team is highly experienced, and we aim to give our customers the most competitive prices in the industry. With the addition of our current discount, our prices just can’t be beat.”

As Painting contractors in Arlington, the team at Arlington Affordable Painters is able to capably service the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for all of their residential or commercial interior and exterior painting needs. The company provides fence repair, staining, and painting services as well. Those who would like to take advantage of the limited-time 10 percent discount offer can do so by visiting the Arlington Affordable Painters website at www.arlingtonaffordablepainters.com and filling out their short contact form. Customers should be sure to use the promo code “AAP10” when inquiring about the discount.

As Smith goes on to say, “Our interior exterior painters are passionate about what we do, and we love being able to put a smile on our customers’ faces. It is our hope that the 10 percent discount we are offering them this summer will help us achieve that goal. We look forward to helping customers both old and new renovate and renew their spaces with a high-quality paint job from our experienced team.”

About Arlington Affordable Painters:

Arlington Affordable Painters is just what the name implies – painting contractors based in Arlington, TX that provide professional interior and exterior painting of residential and commercial buildings at a very competitive price. Customers will be amazed at the attention to detail that their painters bring to each and every painting project. They are passionate about painting and about creating the best customer service experience in the business.

Source: http://www.cw15kxvo.com/story/32504320/news